Sweden, Lund: students turnout to hear about Venezuelan revolution

On Saturday 13th f April, 50 students came to listen to Andreas Bülow, from the Hands Off Venezuela campaign i Denmark, talking about the Venezuelan revolution and the herritage of Hugo Chavez. The meeting was organized by the socialist student organisation Smålands Nation and was chaired by their representative, Tomas Kristoffersson.

swedenmeetingAndreas started by giving brief comments about the revolution and clarifying what defines a revolution; the consiouss entrance of the masses in to the historical scene and the political process in society. He then talked about the role of Chavez, emphazizing not to misstake the revolution as something directed by Chavez from above.

Andreas outlined the key historical events leading up to the the rise of the mass movement. He talked about the Caracazo massacre and how this became a tipping point thats releases all the tensions and contradiction that had developed over a hole period in Venezuela during the old 2 party regime. He then continiued to talk about the formation of the bolivarian movement, Chaves coming to power, the social reforms under Chavez, the growing class contradictions and the the policies of the opposition undermining the social and economic situation for the poor and the working class.

Andreas rounded up by talking about the election campaign and the perspectives for the revolution and he emphazized that the venezuelan revolution needs its outmost support from socialist around the world.
After a short break a lively question and answer session followed, with questions and discussion about the current social and economic situation in Venezuela, the situation in the army and its relations to the revolutionary masses. Questions were also posed about Maduro and Caprilles, the presidency elections and the future of the revolution.

The meeting ended with enthusiams and afterwards many people stayed a while for more informal discussions.

/Alexander Regander, Avanti Sweden

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