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Lies, slanders and half-truths. This is what the mass media generally publish about Venezuela. We aim to draw attention to these articles, reply to their distortions and mobilise the pressure of public opinion through letter-writing campaigns, etc. Please let us know if you find an article or report on Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution that you think is inaccurate and we should reply to (Contact Us)
"We unflinchingly defend our peoples' freedom of expression and their right to be informed but we do not confuse this with the freedom of media companies --and the political and economic conglomerates who are their allies-- to manipulate information to suit their interests and aims."

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Organizations, journalists, students, activists and intellectuals in Venezuela accused the national and international media of waging a campaign against Venezuela and of supporting destabilization plans that have been carried out in the country in the past few days. Chris Carlson Venezuelanalysis.com. 

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The letter and a number of its signatories appeared in The Guardian newspaper (26 May).

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"For the non-renewal of RCTV to be a free speech issue at all, one would have to make the ... argument that ... Marcel Granier and media conglomerate ... (1BC), somehow represents an expression of the people's freedom rather than the freedom of its small group of shareholders."

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The licence for coup-plotting TV station RCTV expired last night. Venezuela has now a new public access channel, TVes. We have updated the list of signatures to our appeal on the RCTV case. We are also publishing two articles detailing US funding of Venezuelan journalists and analysis by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting on the media coverage of the RCTV case

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