Guaido declares military coup: mobilise against imperialism!

Juan Guaido and a small group of mutinous troops posted a live video on Twitter this morning to call on "the military and people" to overthrow the legitimate president Nicolás Maduro. In response, the government is calling on supporters to assemble at the presidential palace.

Guaido declared this was the "final stage" of his plan to overthrow the government, called "Operation Freedom". Guaido is joined by opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, who was freed by a small group of pro-Guaido police and armed forces from house arrest early this morning.

Guaido, Lopez and a small military force attempted to take La Carlota airbase in eastern Caracas, where they clashed with government security forces.

It is imperative to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and mobilise as strongly as possible against this attempted military coup, organised and led by US imperialism.


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