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Eva Golinger speaking at the Venezuela Solidarity Network national symposium on Venezuela that took place at Howard University in Washington DC on April 20, 2008.

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In this audio file hear Sylvia Richardson of the Canadian west coast community radio station 'Latin Waves' interview HOV international secretary Jorge Martin in advance of his North American speaking tour.

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logoIn light of the recent corporate terrorism Venezuela has faced from the most profitable company in the world, H.O.V FM presents a special audio feature: ExxonMobil vs. Venezuela in the UK.

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The American radio station NPR recently interviewed Bart Jones, the author of a new biography on Hugo Chavez. Two other guests were Fernando Coronil, an author of a book about the history of Venezuela, and James Early, director of Cultural Heritage Policy, Smithsonian Institution.

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logo The fourth Hands Off Venezuela podcast is available now to download in time for the Christmas holidays.

Including a traditional Venezuelan Christmas song to keep it seasonal, the latest show has an extended feature on the Venezuelan and the Environment, Ambassador Samuel Moncada's reflections on the constitutional reform referendum, and news ranging from the humanitarian accord in Colombia and the launch of the Bank of the South to cheap heating oil for poor communities in the US.

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